Welcome to my research pages! My interests are at the intersection of machine learning and information security. I develop learning algorithms for security problems. Also, I keep a vital interest in analyzing sensor data. Please check out my publications for more details.



06/26/2013: Our paper on hands-free authentication with face and eyes (abstract) was awarded the best paper award at IEEE PRISMS (the conference formerly known as MobiSec).

5/20-24/2013: I'll visit University College London, University of Oxford, and University of Padua.

01/11/2013: Best poster award for Touchalytics at the Intel SCRUB retreat.

11/08/2012: My Ph.D. thesis Probabilistic Role Mining was awarded the ETH Medal.

09/21/2012: This morning, a spaceship flew over my house, approaching it from UCB campus.

09/19/2012: Two papers accepted at ICDM'12 (abstract) and ICMLA'12 (abstract).

09/17/2012: Our paper on touch-based continuous authentication will appear in IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security.